City of Robertsdale Passes 2012 Budget With Surplus

September 8th, 2011  |  Published in Latest News

ROBERTSDALE, Ala. – The City of Robertsdale will operate in the black again this year after the Robertsdale City Council passed its 2012 fiscal year budget at Tuesday night’s council meeting.

Anne Simpson, chief financial officer with the City of Robertsdale, presented the budget at Tuesday’s meeting, projecting revenues of just over $15 million in 2012 with expenses of just under $14 million. After subtracting debt expenses, bonds and loans of just over $1 million, the city will be left with a net of $141,265 for 2012.

The city will operate with total projected revenues of $15,263,964 for 2012, up from projected revenues of $14,515,330 in 2011. Total projected expenses increased from $13,151,473 in 2011 to $13,926,299, a decreased surplus of $26,192.

“The biggest thing is that we have no new debt for 2012,” Simpson said. The city currently has a total debt of $16,765,322.72 on which it will make monthly payments of $99,700, a total of $1,196,400 in payments for 2012.

Deficits in the city’s general fund and gas fund budgets are made up for by surpluses in electrical, water and sewer funds.

The largest surplus is in the city’s electrical fund with projected revenues of $8,345,925 in 2012, up from $8,151,000 in projected revenues from 2011. Expenses in the electrical fund increased from a projected $6,212,054 in 2011 to projected expenses of $6,353,202 in 2012 for a total surplus of $1,992,723.

The water fun shows a projected surplus of $604,018 in 2012 with revenues projected at $1,208,750 and projected expenses of $604,732, compared to projected revenues of $1,135,000 and expenses of $511,393.

Projected revenues in the sewer fund are $949,100 for 2012 with projected expenses of $869,637 for a projected surplus of $79,463, an increase from $834,050 in projected revenues in 2011 with projected expenses of $819,653 in 2011.

Those surpluses offset projected deficits of $1,304,066 in the city’s general fund and $34,453 in the city’s gas fund. Total revenues are projected at $4,572,989 with projected expenses of

$5,877,075 for the general fund with a projection of $187,200 in revenues and $221,653 in expenses in the gas fund.

Mayor Charles Murphy and council members commended Simpson for her efforts and the efforts of all city departments to increase revenues and keep expenses low over the past five years since the economic downturn in 2007.

“Without them we certainly would not be in as good an economic shape as we are today,” Murphy said.

The budget proposal passed unanimously with all council members, including Joe Kitchens, Brent Kendrick, Sue Cooper, Aubrey Grant and Paul Hollingsworth, voting for the measure.

In other business Monday, the council:

• Voted to donate $1,500 to the George P. Thames Senior Center to offset expenses for the 2011 Senior Games which will be held in Trussville in October.

• Voted to donate $500 to Robertsdale Elementary School for the school’s Run-Walk Across America program.

• Tabled action on a request by city Planning and Safety Coordinator David Kilcrease to change address designations along Highway 59.

• Voted to deny a request for business license discovery recovery from Revenue Discovery Systems.

• Voted to grant a restaurant retail liquor license for Porky’s BBQ Inc. on Highway 59 in Robertsdale.

• Voted to approve Resolution No. 010-11 for a watershed conservation grant application.

• Received a notice to proceed with a sidewalk project in Robertsdale.

By John Underwood